Monday, February 02, 2015

What Makes a Woman Intelligent--including about Herself?

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So proud to be taking part in this seminar this Thursday, Feb. 5!

What Makes a Woman Intelligent—Including about Herself?
Public Seminar
Thursday, February 5, 6:30 PM 
Women—and men too—want to feel we’re intelligent. We want to use our minds well—about work, love, education, money, everything. So why do we often feel we’re not intelligent in the choices we make—that, once again, we’ve messed it all up? What’s the real intelligence we’re hoping to have, and what gets in the way?
The speakers at this seminar—consultant Devorah Tarrow, and associates Miriam Weiss and Leila Rosen—will tell what they’ve learned on this tremendously important subject from Aesthetic Realism. Its founder, philosopher Eli Siegel, has defined intelligence as “the ability of a self to become at one with the new.” The speakers will describe the way of seeing in everyone that interferes with our intelligence—and how something in us wrongly thinks this interfering, stifling, unintelligent thing is ever so smart!
You’ll find out about all this through instances from life today, literature, and the speakers’ own lives. And they’ll describe how women learn, in Aesthetic Realism consultations, to be ever-increasingly intelligent–about the world, men, and themselves!
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Contri. $10
Aesthetic Realism Foundation
141 Greene Street
New York, NY 10012


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