Thursday, October 08, 2015

The Mix-up in Women about Managing & Yielding--& the Beautiful Answer!

A public seminar I was proud to take part in:  "The Mix-up about Managing & Yielding in Women--& the Beautiful Answer!"  Read about it here:  Come & learn about a huge matter in everyone’s life!
Women haven’t always known the difference between taking on a task and doing it efficiently—arranging details in a useful way—and wanting to control everything, particularly the people close to them. And they haven’t been able to distinguish between being happily affected by another person’s thought and meaning, and feeling that yielding to anyone in any way is weakness.
Aesthetic Realism gives the answer to this confusing situation. That’s what The Three Persons—Aesthetic Realism Consultants Margot Carpenter, Carol Driscoll, and Devorah Tarrow—will show.
They’ll describe the reasons for the mix-up in women about managing and yielding, and tell what they’ve learned about it in their own lives. They’ll give instances of how this matter is in the lives and work of noted women of the past and present. And they’ll describe what women today are learning in Aesthetic Realism consultations–knowledge that enables a person to feel strong and proud in being deeply affected by the outside world and other people. 

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